Emitek Cleaning Services.

Regular vacuuming and stain-removal products can help, but they simply can’t match the cleaning power of professional carpet cleaning. Emitek can help remove the evidence of everyday living.We provide high quality cleaning, environmental and sanitary services to the satisfaction of our customers using up to date technology and a motivated human resource

Our Services

The professionals at Emitek Cleaning can provide hand-cleaning, deodorization, drying, soot removal, sanitization and refinishing services as for your contents.

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Why we are who we are?

A country-wide network operations

A committed and professionally trained human resource base of over 1200 employees.

A considerable investment in up to date modern equipment and cleaning machinery to enable us to deliver on our mandate

A firm, stable financial foundation. include the following: Emitek Cleaning Services has a wide range of cleaning services to offer that

A continuously expanding listing of over 30 satisfied customers and business reputation.

Our previous work

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emitek gallery
emitek gallery

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